Welcome, Rise of the Novel classmates!!! My name is Yvonne Johnson. I’m a communications major, working on a minor in English. I’d like to say that I always knew how rich and rewarding a career in communications could be. Truth is: I took refuge in the field after my college career in chemistry literally went up in smoke. Since, fortunately, the small blaze I started in the lab was contained, (and no one was hurt!) it turned out to be the best “accident” of my life. I took the event as a sign to look for a different path, and do no harm. I found my place!

When I completed my work in the chemistry lab (to my professor’s relief!), I went on to obtain a Bachelor’s in journalism (Wayne State University in Detroit), with a specialty in broadcasting. My Master’s (WSU) is in the broader area of Communications Studies. I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree (WSU).

My work experiences are varied. They include: technical writing for information technology projects, organizational communications for large corporations, media relations and general public relations, as well as marketing and sales promotion.

While I may have found my place in communications by accident, I am in this class with you by design. I am happily pursuing one of my life-long dreams to teach and help others prepare to reach their life-long dreams. I am so excited about this opportunity to spend time with you, exploring the rise of the novel. I am sure we will help each other develop and grow over the many weeks, and I hope you will come to visit and comment on my blog often. I encourage and welcome your direct contact, too.

Again, welcome!!!


Yvonne Johnson


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